Funding Methods

To deposit into or withdraw funds from your account, log into your account and click on the large FUND button.


Credit or Debit Cards Online – Deposit online or call toll-free 1-877-782-9994 to use your Credit or Debit card. There is a 4.5% charge on deposits, that will be rebated next day by HorsePlayersBet on individual deposits of $100 or greater.*

Please note that some credit and debit cards have been rejected because of the new gambling laws that went into effect on June 1, 2010.

Also note that some banks may charge a cash advance fee on credit card deposits. Check with the card issuer for details.

PayNearMe @CVS, 7-Eleven/Family Dollar/Casey's/Walgreens – Fund your account by clicking FUND and choosing PayNearMe w/Cash @CVS, 7-Eleven/Family Dollar/Casey's/Walgreens. Print off the bar code, which is reusable, or send the bar code to your mobile phone. Take the bar code to a CVS, 7-11 or Family Dollar, Casey's or Walgreens Store and pay the clerk the amount you are depositing (there is a $4.99 service fee that is deducted from the deposit amount). Your HorsePlayersBet will now be funded. A next day rebate of 4% of the deposited amount will awarded when the deposit total is wagered. For example, if you make a PayNearMe deposit of $200, the morning after the $200 is wagered, a rebate/bonus of $8 will be placed into your HorsePlayersBet account. For more information on how to use PayNearMe, view the video tutorial.

In-Person Bank Deposit – Call customer service 1-877-782-9994 for our bank details and then go to any full service Wells Fargo to deposit cash into our designated eBet deposit account. After making the deposit either call customer service toll free, or scan and email, or fax a copy of the deposit details along with your name, wagering account number and amount of deposit. We will then verify that the funds have been received on our end and then credit your wagering account. There are no fees. There is a 4% next day bonus on all In-Bank deposits (maximum bonus is $80 per deposit or per calendar month).*

Money Order/Cashier's check/Personal check – Funding will be immediate upon receipt, except for personal checks which are subject to a 7 day hold.*

Bank Wire – This method can be used to fund your account within 1 business day. If you use this method, you will receive a $20 next day rebate to help cover the costs on deposits of $1000 or greater only.

Note: There is a $12 processing fee to deposit funds using this method, however, there is a 4% next day bonus on bank wire deposits (maximum bonus is $80 per deposit or per calendar month).* If withdrawing money from using a bank wire, there is a $20 fee.

*Some exceptions may apply.

The total amount deposited must be wagered before next day deposit fee rebates or bonuses are earned. If a withdrawal is made before the total amount is wagered, the deposit fee rebate or bonus will not be credited.

Funding Fee Rebates Are In Addition To Daily and Monthly Rewards.

Management reserves the right to deny deposit fee rebates and bonuses if deposits and withdrawals are done so in a revolving manner or if winning wagers are on horses that produce minus pool scenarios.


Check – Requests can be made on line or by calling 1-877-782-9994. There is no charge for checks delivered by regular mail for amounts of $10 or greater (if under $10 there is a $1 charge).

ACH - Withdraw funds directly into your bank account (withdrawal amounts take 1-3 business days to show up in your bank account). On the wagering Interface, click FUND, select ACH under the Withdrawal heading. Follow the instructions. Initially, there is a $250 limit per withdrawal transaction. After making your first withdrawal please email [email protected] if you wish to increase your limit at anytime. There is a $2 fee per transaction.

Bank Wire – Funds will be in your bank account within 24 hours, however there is a $20 charge. We are not responsible for third party processing delays or errors due to incorrect information being provided.